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Volunteer sports coach - Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Tanzania & Thailand

Combine your travels with a sports development programme giving you the opportunity to coach and play sports in developing countries around the world.

Sports Coaching Projects Abroad, Travel, Coach and Play Sports Worldwide - Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Tanzania & Thailand

With 2-12 week Sports Ventures from 1xbet maroc just £795 / €1195 / US$1345 / AU$2065 in countries across the globe, you can choose a destination and sport that suits your personal requirements.

No coaching qualifications are required; all we ask is that you have a passion for sport and a desire to make a difference.

Your experience

  • Meet new people
  • Improve personal télécharger 1xbet gratuit development
  • Experience a new culture/country
  • Learn/improve language skills

    What’s included?

  • Free online coaching library
  • TEFL training (on certain placements)
  • Accommodation and Food (on most placements)
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance

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